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Baltimore Child Support Attorneys

Representing Parents in Child Custody and Support Proceedings

The amount of time you spend with your child on a regular basis is probably very important to you. It is likely also a priority for your child's second parent. At the law firm of Engel & Engel, we provide sound legal advice and support to clients dealing with child custody and child support issues throughout Maryland.

During this time of turmoil for you and your family, our attorneys will act as your legal and personal advisers.

If you are going through a divorce or separation, or if you were never married to your child's second parent and you need to establish a custody agreement, call Engel & Engel in Baltimore, Maryland, toll free at 800-566-6565 to arrange a free initial consultation, or contact us online.

Child Custody and Visitation

Similar to a divorce agreement, parents are encouraged to reach a mutual decision regarding child custody and visitation. When parents simply cannot agree, however, the case becomes contested and each parent seeks separate legal counsel. At Engel & Engel, litigation is what we do. We take cases to trial, and because of our reputation as aggressive trial lawyers, we are often able to obtain settlements in our client's favor.

The state of Maryland favors the best interests of the child when establishing child custody and visitation rights. Our attorneys know how the judges may interpret this guideline and we will aggressively pursue your goals regarding custody of your child.

Maryland's Child Support Guidelines

The Maryland child support guidelines, sometimes referred to as the Maryland child support calculator, provide a specific formula for determining child support, based on the gross income of both parents, the amount of time the child spends with each parent and any special needs of the child.

Adoption in Maryland

Adoption in Maryland is much more involved than in the past. At Engel & Engel, we assist families in a variety of different types of adoption, including stepparent adoptions, private adoptions and LGBT adoptions. Members of the LGBT community face unique legal circumstances when becoming parents. Some choose surrogacy; however, these cases almost always require a legal adoption by the non-surrogate parent.

Contact Engel & Engel online or call 800-566-6565 to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly qualified Baltimore child support lawyers or with an attorney experienced in the area in which you require assistance.

If you are searching for an experienced Baltimore professional malpractice lawyer, or an attorney for another complex area of law, contact Engel & Engel online or call 800-566-6565 for a free consultation.

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