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Baltimore Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Helping Victims of Attorney Negligence and Misconduct

When you hire an attorney to represent you during important legal proceedings, you trust your lawyer to handle your case with a high degree of attention and care. Unfortunately, attorneys can make mistakes that have serious consequences for their clients. In Maryland, legal malpractice is becoming all too common, which is why we at Engel & Engel are committed to upholding the utmost standard of care when practicing law. It is also why we dedicate a portion of our practice to helping those who have been victims of professional malpractice.

If you were mistreated by a legal professional, call Engel & Engel in Baltimore toll free at 800-566-6565 to arrange a free initial consultation, or contact us online.

Did Your Attorney Fail to Meet the Appropriate Standard of Care?

If your lawyer missed an important deadline or acted out of personal interest rather than in your best interest, speak to an attorney at Engel & Engel.

While you may not be eager to find yourself involved in a new legal issue, it is important to hold the negligent attorney responsible, and to pursue compensation for your financial damages and other losses.

Legal malpractice typically involves the following types of misconduct by an attorney:

  • Failure to meet a statute of limitations
  • Failure to file a lawsuit in a timely manner
  • Failure to include all appropriate claims in a lawsuit or action
  • Entering into an unauthorized settlement
  • Failure to settle a case for its full value
  • Failure to properly handle a case due to conflicts of interest and/or breach of ethics
  • Misappropriation of funds

Contact Engel & Engel online or call 800-566-6565 to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly qualified Baltimore legal malpractice attorneys.

If you are searching for an experienced Baltimore professional malpractice lawyer, or an attorney for another complex area of law, contact Engel & Engel online or call 800-566-6565 for a free consultation.

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