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Maryland IRS Whistleblower Law Attorneys

Bringing Tax Fraud to the Attention of the IRS

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower law awards a percentage of monies recovered to anyone with personal knowledge of tax fraud. If you are aware of an individual or a business that has fraudulently attempted to avoid payment of lawfully owed taxes, the law firm of Engel & Engel can help you bring it to the attention of the IRS and benefit from recovery of the unpaid taxes. Call Engel & Engel in Baltimore, Maryland, toll free at 800-566-6565 or send us a message through our online form to request a free and confidential consultation.

Whistleblower Protection and the IRS

The IRS will keep your identity confidential as long as possible, if not forever. The only way your identity may be revealed is if your testimony is needed. At Engel & Engel, we will also keep your identity and all legal proceedings strictly confidential.

If you are aware of tax fraud and are interested in seeking an award for bringing it to the attention of the IRS, speak with an attorney who has experience in qui tam whistleblower claims.

Our law firm can help you file a claim and walk you through the process. Contact us if you know about any of the following forms of tax fraud:

  • Hiding income in offshore accounts
  • Understating income
  • Concealing assets
  • Dealing in cash
  • Failing to file tax returns/tax evasion
  • Filing false tax documents
  • Failing to collect employment taxes

Whistleblowers are typically employees or clients of a company, relatives of individuals, or accountants who discover tax fraud. Call Engel & Engel toll free at 800-566-6565 to speak with one of our lawyers, or contact us online.

If you are searching for an experienced Baltimore professional malpractice lawyer, or an attorney for another complex area of law, contact Engel & Engel online or call 800-566-6565 for a free consultation.

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